Lilly decides marrying David would be a mistake and breaks her engagement. She leaves New York and finds comfort and new love with Glenn, believing all her dreams have come true. But when her ex catches up with her leaving her bruised and frightened, what he plans for her, well... those things were never in her dreams.

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4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement  By Ddkmc95 October 24, 2017  Lili broken off her engagement to an abysmal man and uprooted her life from NY to CO. On the puddle jumper to the new sleepy ski town, she met Glen...owner of the hotel where Lili was supposed to stay. A friendship quickly developed between the two and, when her bff visited, she started something with Glen’s bff. While Lili’s life seems to be on the upswing strange things begin to occur. Will Lili have a happy ending w Glen or is he hiding a secret relationship? Is someone stalking Lili?? While the book was enjoyable, it did appear dated...who uses a beeper and answering machine these days? I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 of 5 Stars Twisted engagement  (AUDIBLE)  October 11, 2017  Zoe   It is a very touching but endearing story with surprising ending. Abuse causes such emotional pain for the person on the receiving end. In so many cases there are no happy endings and in some cases it will end in death. I'm glad that this story has been written even though in this case it is a fiction.

4 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement    (AUDIBLE)  October 4, 2017  Beautifully bookish  suspenseful and sweet" The narrator was excellent despite the story giving off the feeling of being dated. The characters felt like they were older than their stated ages due to their dress, speech and actions. The plot held your attention but was pretty predictable. The romance is swoon worthy and I love HEA's! The ending kinda stops in the middle of a conversation but maybe i had a bad copy. I enjoyed listening.

4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement   (AUDIBLE) October 4, 2017  blue_river NY  Grea story! Although it was a great story, I had a hard time connecting with the characters do to the fact that they all sounded very similar throughout the book. Once I was able to differentiate who was who it was much more enjoyable. I love the suspense that came in the end of the book. It made all the connections click and hit home. I loved the way it ended and look forward to reading more from this author.

5 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement  Daniela Acitelli  September 10, 2017 ~  I have to say I loved Twisted Engagement. It reminds me of all the books I used to devour when I was growing up. I love the detail you put in to each cup of coffee etc. so that it feels like the reader is actually there. It's pure enjoyment!
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​​4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement Sharon Livingston Berg  May 8, 2017I have read all of the books and I do believe that this book is my favorite...just love it!!!!

5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement  Bylucky ladyon October 14, 2015  Format: Paperback Verified Purchase Twisted Engagement written by Sandi K. Whipple is her first book and I have read all four in order. I love them all and they just seem to be getting better and better.

4 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement   By:Ron Cartwrighton May 12, 2015 Format: Paperback Verified  Purchase Very good reading!

5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement   Reviewed by Angela fromRomancing the Book April 26, 2015 Book provided by the author for review  ~ Wow, this book is what I would call a sleeper. I read the summary about Twisted Engagement and thought it seems like any other book that I’ve read but once I got into it I couldn’t put it down. I instantly fell for the main female character Lilly. She is down to earth and would rather hurt herself then hurt those around her. It really touched a cord with me. Lilly is also joined by the male lead of Glenn. He in his own right has a lot of amazing qualities that make him stand out. The book mostly takes place in Everley Falls Colorado. Although the author doesn’t focus a lot on the outdoors environment she is very descriptive about the surroundings within the Senator hotel where Lilly is staying. The plot to the story was the “sleeper” part for me. I wasn’t expecting the twists and turns that were caused by Lilly’s ex. That is the part of the book that kept me on the edge of my seat and flipping rapidly through those pages. There is also another couple that forms in the book that we get to spend a lot of time with and that is Lilly’s best friend Sue and Glenn’s best friend Jim. Jim and Sue met by chance at the hotel. The book itself is told from the point of view of Lilly and Glenn but you get a lot of insight into the relationship that forms between Jim and Sue. Following Lilly throughout the book is a journey in and of itself. You really get to see her grow and figure out who she is. From a quiet “church mouse” to a fiercely independent woman who knows what she want’s. Twisted Engagement is a stand alone novel and does not end in a cliff hanger. It’s a wonderful story about falling in love and getting your happily ever after. It’s not quite that straight forward though. All couples have their ups and downs and Glenn and Lilly are no exception. Favorite Quote: “Now, as you’re only wasting and taking up space above ground, as well as littering the lobby of my husband’s hotel, I suggest you get out and stay out! 

5 of 5 Stars   Jeanie Lautenschlager 7:48am Feb 11, 2015  Danny read all three of your books. He loved them all.  Waiting for your next book.

1 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement    ByPamelaon February 9, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase What the hell did I just read? Shoot me now. Am I glutton for punishment or what? I seriously need my head examined. After reading one craptastic book, it seems I dove into another one except this one was worse. Not only was this novel a piece of crap, it was ridiculous and beyond cheesy. Hells bells I thought I was reading a fuc---g Harlequin novel written by Danielle Steel from decades ago. The writing was that corny. The story, the suspense, the romance, the characters - laughable and ridiculous on so many levels. Such cheese! Of course the hero is gorgeous, tall, rich, a nice guy, a great boss, and everyone likes him. The heroine is the typical smart, intelligent, and nicest person that everyone loves. She of course is a beautiful woman who has no idea how beautiful she really is, blushing every time the hero pays her a compliment. Wow! I guess with loving parents and friends, she's never been paid a compliment, suffering this unholy tragedy for 28 years. Such in-depth characters. Roll your eyes people. God knows I am. I have no one to blame but myself. Fine, I'd be lying if I didn't want to place blame on the readers who gave this novel five stars but in the end it's me who clicked "Buy." This is just one of those novels that I'm honestly embarrassed to have read. It's a good thing I'm not a gambler as I'd be walking away with just the shirt on my back. I think I need a break. Maybe watch some mindless television for a day or two, and pray. I mean pray really hard that the next book I choose to read is at least better than the last two I so regret ever coming across.

2 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement    Devi Nair  January 20, 2015  The story line is a typical romance with all the Harlequin effects of it. An awesome dreamy boyfriend, a small shy girlfriend and the past of the girlfriend coming to haunt them. The story revolves around an abused girl who tries to run away from her past but the past catches upon and threatens to ruin her future. Unfortunately, the summary says it all. The entire 242 page story is said in the summary.                 

5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement Keely NouveauNovember 10, 2014 I enjoyed reading Twisted Engagement from the beginning of Lily’s new start, meeting wonderful people and all the adventures along the way. The twist of a past relationship with an unstable guy made it interesting to read and kept me very captivated to see how it all was going to turn out. This is the second book I have read of Sandi Whipple’s and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to reading her next one which is already on my night stand.

5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement    Cecile Drollinger September 16, 2014  Format: Paperback   Great cannot wait for her next book!

5 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement Gayle Hanna September 10, 2014  Twisted Engagement has it all, romance, suspense, drama and adventure. Hats off to Sandi K. Whipple for this page turner. You will enjoy following Lilly through her - Twisted Engagement!

5 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement   Ann-Maree Coyte August 9, 2014  Twisted Engagement is a story of finding new love and starting over. Lilly cancels her engagement to David, says goodbye to her best friend Sue, sells her business, and leaves New York City. She ends up in Everly Flats, a small town in Colorado. On a flight from Denver she meets Glenn Parsons, a hotel owner, who gives her a ride to Everly Flats. He's good-looking, and it isn't too long before there's a romance between them. When Sue comes to visit Lilly, some really weird things start happening. They're out shopping and are nearly run over by a Blue Bronco, doors are left open, and Sue thinks she's hallucinating.Out of the blue, enters David! He's come to tell Lilly he wants her back. He gets rough with her and scares the hell out of her. When Lilly runs to Glenn for help, she arrives at his hotel in time to see him exit a limousine with another woman. And they're kissing. Too scared to go home, Lilly runs to her best friend Sue in New York. From there, it becomes a sadistic game of hide and seek. I felt Twisted Engagement was well written, kept me wide awake, and in places it affected me so emotionally I had to force myself to remember it was only a book. I think Sandi excelled in putting together the plot. It's quite complex, and I found it flowed smooth and was easy to read. I had trouble putting it down. I read Sandi's other book, Loving Adonis, but I think I liked Twisted Engagement more.                   

3 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement  MichelleJuly 29, 2014  I received my copy of Twisted Engagement from the author through the Goodreads First Reads program. I'd give the book a 3.5 star rating if I had the opportunity. As her wedding day approaches, Lilly Andrews comes to the realization that she truly does not love her fiancé and decides to call off the wedding. Concerned about the implications this decision will have on her parents and their country club friends, including her fiancé David's family, Lilly first seeks her parents blessing in ending the arrangement. They take the news better than David does. Brisk and cutting, David accuses Lilly of having affairs, his anger level rising throughout their meeting. To clear her thoughts and focus on the future, Lilly takes her best friend Sue's advice, sells her restaurant and leaves New York for Everley Flats, Colorado in search of a fresh perspective and new location to open a restaurant. Aboard the tiny aircraft, Lilly meets Glenn Parsons, the owner of the hotel she will be staying at. Romance blooms between the two, and interestingly enough, Sue arrives in town and falls for the General Manager, Jim Hanson. But all is not well, a string of strange coincidences, unlocked doors, repeated run ins with a blue Bronco, dead air phone calls, a mystery man inquiring about Lilly, all herald the coming of danger.

3 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement   KrissyJune 15, 2014  I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this book, I thought it was handled very well and respectfully. However I had quite a few issues with it and not because it was written poorly or is a bad book - but because personally it affected me on an emotional level that didn't sit with me right due to my own history with the involved topic. I really respect that the author was willing to create a story involving around abuse victims, there were a few things I agreed with and a few that I didn't but I did appreciate how it was handled and I grew to like the story despite it bothering me so much. I felt that Twisted Engagement was done well and I really liked it but I hated that for me that it affected me so strongly. Which is a good thing because I dislike books that don't affect me. :) Kind of redundant but I was able to finish it and enjoy the book overall despite my emotions and the issues I disagreed with.                 

5 of 5 Stars Twisted Engagement   Donna GottMay 4, 2014  This romantic suspense, was a very touching but endearing story with a VERY surprising ending. Abuse, no matter what form it is, causes such emotional pain for the person on the receiving end. In so many cases there are no happy endings and in some cases it will end in death. I'm glad that this story has been written even though in this case it is fictional. Sandi has told a story that needs to be told and she has done an excellent job. When a woman has been so brow beaten that she or her friends and family no longer recognize her, it's time to help them however we can out of the situation. As in this case Lilly with the help of her best friend Sue realizes that she does not love her boyfriend. Just weeks before her wedding, she breaks it off. David surprises her with such an ugly scene that she becomes truly frightened of him. Making this decision Lilly decides with the support of her family and Sue to relocate to a small town in Colorado. Here is where Sandi excels in her creation of a woman finding herself worth again with the help of the extraordinary man she meets. Glenn cannot imagine how a woman with the talents and beauty of Lilly could have been treated like this. This story is written with finesse, capturing the journey of Lilly's return from the loss of herself. Rich with exceptional descriptions of the characters and surroundings, bringing them alive to the reader. I fell in love with the town and the four lead characters, Lilly, Sue, Glenn and Jim. The suspenseful twists and unbelievable turns will keep you reading long past bedtime. The details concerning David brought me this feeling of incredible anger and hatred towards him. I wanted to twist his neck myself! I really enjoyed reading this even with the emotional roller coaster I went through, the ending was VERY rewarding. Excellent read!

4 of 5 Stars  Twisted Engagement  David BurnettMay 1, 2014  Lilly calls off her engagement just weeks before her wedding. Afraid of her former fiancé and at the urging of her best friend, she decides to leave New York City and to start over. She sells the Cavern, a restaurant she had founded, packs her clothes and sets out for Everly Flats, a small town near Aspen, Colorado. She had been driving to Aspen a few years before, became lost and found herself in Everly Flats. She liked the little town and feels it will be a good place to relax, to think, to plan, and, in general, to get her life back together. Perhaps she will want to settle there. Perhaps she will open another restaurant. On the flight from Denver in a puddle-jumper airplane, she meets Glenn Parsons. He gives her a ride to town when she finds that her rental car is not available. He invites her to diner. He is good-looking, he is helpful, he is unmarried, and she falls in love with him and, eventually discovers that he is wealthy.  Unfortunately, her former fiancé is unwilling to take “I can’t marry you” at face value. He appears in Everly Flats to “woo” her back – or else. Twisted Engagement is Sandi Whipple’s second novel. While enjoyed Loving Adonis, her first book, I find Twisted Engagement to be a much better book. The writing flows more smoothly, and the plot is more complex, involving more than simply the relationship between Lilly and Glenn. The romantic encounters arise from the plot and they do not dominate the book. Many romance novels seem to exist solely for the romance, but in Twisted Engagement it is not the sole focus. Having said that, I should note that while the characters in romance novels typically experience sex apart from marriage or even love, Twisted Engagement seems to overtly advocate it. In the opening scene, for example, Sue, Lilly’s best friend, is appalled when she discovers that Lilly and her fiancé have never slept together. She takes this fact as a positive indication of problems between them. Later, Lilly tells Sue she believes she was falling in love with her boyfriend before they spent the night together, as if this is something perhaps unexpected, not the norm. The only person in the book to advocate a link between sex and marriage is identified as a suffering from schizophrenia. The reader must decide if this is strength or a weakness. Perhaps it is simply a reflection of twenty-first century practice. Twisted Engagement is an easy, enjoyable read, perfect for a rainy afternoon or a day at the beach.

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