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​​5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~  Heather Gathman ~  Apr 26, 2017 ~ I am not much of a reader so I listened to this book on cd. I loved it. The short trips in my car were killing me. I couldn't wait to hear what happened next. I even started taking lunch breaks in my car so I could listen. I forgot how relaxing it was to get lost in a good story. I highly recommend!! Cannot wait for the next book to listen to.

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~Yolanda Parker ~ Apr 25, 2017 ~ I really enjoyed this book. This is the second book I have read by Sandi, and once again I became involved with the story right from the start. I really enjoy books that make me want to get back to the story as soon as possible. Like not wanting to put it down, this is exactly what happened with this one. If you enjoy romance mixed with mystery, this book is for you!

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~ Kathryn (K.J.) Simmill of Readers Favorite ~ January 10, 2017 ~Judy had been passed from foster home to foster home. Never sure if returning to her real parents was a blessing or a curse. Her mother beat her and her brothers, but some of the things she had endured at the hands of others seemed far worse. If her early life taught her anything it was never to trust someone claiming to love her. People who loved her hurt her, physically, mentally, and they always left. Judy didn’t need that kind of love. Starting a new life had been difficult, she had been taken in, clothed and fed, but unable to find work the person caring for her offered an alternative, to become a call-girl. Feeling indebted to Gladys, Judy agreed. She was paid well for her services and whilst she had, in the past, had her doubts about her illicit lifestyle, she was comfortable with it now. Then along came Bryce Stevens, stirring complex thoughts and unfamiliar reactions. Can she shield the truth about her career, and if he should discover her secret could he bring himself to forgive her, to overlook her deception?
There are few books that I can pick up and instantly lose myself in, but with Tarnished Romance I did just that. Sandi K Whipple has a easy-flowing style that draws the reader in. The plot is enjoyable and the characters are well-conceived. The story progresses seamlessly, presenting obstacles and events Judy must conceal in order to guard her secret. Her developing feelings for Bryce are beautifully portrayed, as is their growing relationship. This was a brilliant read, and one you simply won’t want to put down until its conclusion.

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance~ Pat Henderson ~ December 15, 2016 ~ It was amazing I love the book. I met the author at a book signing in Burlington Wisconsin. It is not only romance but adventure also. Some areas of the book left you hanging, like what was in the envelope about her family's??? It was easy reading and it left lot of questions for a sequel. I have enjoyed all of this author's books, but this is my favorite.

4 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance Brenda TaylorSeptember 14, 2016 ~  I really liked it what i loved about Judy, no matter what childhood and adult trauma she went through she overcame her and past to make a better future. there was so many real life circumstances that the story was so very real it was hard to put down. Very nice read; I am looking for more of Sandi's books; this was the first but not the last one to read.

4 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance  ~Christie Gutknecht  Aug 19, 2016 ~ Really liked it. This is my favorite book that Sandi Whipple has written thus far. I enjoyed the characters and the obstacles Judy overcame in her life. She and Bryce's relationship was interesting and made me want to keep reading. Give it a read... You will not be disappointed

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~ Reviewed by:  InD'tale Magazine by: Viola Robins  July 20, 2016 ~ Judy Stone becomes Judy Kalfus on her eighteenth birthday and heads west from Illinois, leaving her painful upbringing behind. She ends up in San Francisco by way of a woman who claimed could and would help her start a new life. What Judy didn't understand at the time was the price she’d have to pay - she was recruited as a high-end call girl. Judy was void of any love in her childhood so really, no emotion got in the way of her job. Once she loses her boss she goes out on her own. Means of survival leads her to carry on her career path, it’s all she knows and has done well for herself. She’s had to lie to people she cares about and when love finally finds her is she capable of loving back or will the deceit win out?
Ms. Whipple has created a fantastic heroine! Readers will be drawn into Judy’s story immediately and sympathies will run deep. The ebb and flow of her real chance at love is believable and has readers rooting for Bryce Stevens, the attorney that’s made a connection with Judy, or so he thinks. The loyalty portrayed by Judy’s few friends is a nice touch and keeps her character grounded. This story covers many topics and they are played out well, although the main story arc is not unique. Although there are some unsavory bits it’s thoughtfully written. Readers will surely enjoy this for a quick summer read!

4 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance ~ Reviewed by: TDC Book Reviews May 23, 2016  This book is a story about Judy and how she fell in love with Bryce. Judy has had a hard past and didn't have too many choices thrown her way. Judy is a girl who has had more than her fair share of heart break and abandonment. Judy also lives a double life, she has the people she surrounds herself with and then her night life. This story had a HEA which is great because it is always great to see how a character can pick their self-up, even when bad things come their way. The reason for the four star review, is that it skipped several parts of the story and I didn't get to know the characters well enough to be able to feel compassion. I did feel sympathetic but it was through an outsider's view and I wasn't able to see through the character's view. This was a great book though and it was a joy to read.

4 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance~ Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf  January 7, 2016 ~ Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.   The title should have been white lies: a lesson of what not to do in love. Unfortunately there is also a lesson in keeping secrets about your past that's underlined in this story because Judy's past soon rears its ugly head and catches up to her. I love Whipples ability to take reality and weave it into a romance in such a believable way. Although I wasn't quite sure I would like Judy because she continued to make decisions that made me want to shake her, she also had a quality that made me want to cheer her on too. Maybe its the whole under dog thing but it worked for me. Tarnished is a great read to enjoy when one wants a bit of truth to be uncovered.

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance Jeanne Brostrom January 3, 2016 ~ Tarnished Romance is another great read by Sandi Whipple. Judy Kalfus, the main character, must resolve her tarnished past in order to be part of a meaningful relationship with attorney, Bryce Stevens. As she struggles with the demons that created her circumstances, her inner kindness and faith in life are championed as she finds her way through the maze of her identity. Raised in foster homes, duped by a pimp, destined to survive, Judy finds support in Bryce - a support that enables her to continue to rise above her past and to embrace a love she had never known. Tarnished Romance is a little darker read than Sandi's past work, more probing. Well done!

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance Vikki Daggett  November 25, 2015 ~ Congrats to you!! I loved your book and couldn't put it down. I have read all 4 of your books and can't wait for the next one to come out. You have a knack for telling the best stories. Keep them coming, they are sll great!  Sandi, you deserve all the praise and glory! You did this all on your own and you wrote winners! So glad I got to meet you when I was there visiting my daughters Wendy and Nikki. Bravo to you!!!

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance  Will she go from tarnished to love?  ByDD Gotton November 25, 2015  ~ Following their first date, Judy Kalfus fell in love with the man of her dreams, attorney Bryce Stevens. For the first time in her life, she realized feelings that had previously been prevented by her clients. In an attempt to cover her real occupation, Bryce is led to believe that Judy is employed at the San Francisco General Hospital. As she struggles with her childhood fears, Judy wrestles with the ability to have an open relationship. Heartache and emotional pain are no strangers to her. How can she have closeness and distance at the same time? The inevitable happens and Judy's false foundation begins to crumble. Bryce discovers she is unknown at the hospital and demands full disclosure. Will the truth tarnish their romance?
What did I like? First what I liked the most was the way that the author made this whole story so, SO believable. I know this authors work and have read all that she has out and have loved everyone of them but this is the best that she has done to date. She has come so far since that first book. The details of the abuse that Judy went through as a young girl and even into adulthood had me so mad at her father. Then I watched as she tried to build something of her life. I rooted when she finally met and fell in love and cried when disaster happened. I could have shot her stalker myself after what he did to her.  What will you like? The depth of the realness and the details that it took to make you feel as I did above. The author shows what it takes to be successful in this business and you just won't want to put this down till you find out what happens.  I received this as a beta reader for an honest review from the author.

5 of 5 Stars Tarnished Romance    Allison Bostow  November 24, 2015 ~ Producer KCJB Radio ~ I have to tell you, I took a couple days  from work  last week, and on my “to do” list was to read Tarnished Romance. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!  I started reading it and didn’t put it down until I reached the last page.  My only complaint?  I wish it would have been longer.  Fantastic story line, loved the mystery and romance in it.  I think many women could find themselves someone living a life very much similar which they are living their  reality life and wanting to step into their dream life. THANK YOU for writing such a great book.

5 of 5 Stars Tarnished Romance   Can the Hooker Find Love? ~ By   David Burnett for the Kindle Book Review I received a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.October 14, 2015 ~ Judy was as an abused kid who did what she must to survive. She was taken in by a pimp, learned to work as a prostitute, found that she did it well, and prospered. She doesn’t have a heart of gold, but she’s not evil, either. She looks on what she does as her profession, and like those in other lines of work, she’s able to separate her business and personal lives. Nevertheless, it seems rather improbable that a prostitute would meet and fall in love with the guy of her dreams, an attorney who is not a client. It seems even more improbable that they will fall in love. In Tarnished Romance, though, the author makes it completely believable. Then, an abusive client begins to stalk her, and she turns to the strong man for her former pimp to take care of it. The client ends up dead and in the aftermath, her secrets are revealed, and the man she loves walks away. It’s an excellent story. It is well-written, moves well, and holds your interest. I found myself rooting for Judy, hoping that things would turn out well for her. This is the best of Sandi Whipple’s books to date and is highly recommended! 

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance   Oct 07, 2015Gayle HannaTarnished Romance is yet another great read by Sandi Whipple. The main character in this book has been through childhood and adult trauma, but overcomes her past and moves forward to find a full filling life and the kind of love that she didn't know existed. It goes to show that no matter what life throws your way, you can move forward and put the past behind you. With all the twists and turns in Tarnished Romance, you won't want to put it down. I look forward to Sandi's next novel.

5 of 5 Stars  Tarnished Romance Oct 02, 2015 Debbie ConoverI loved it. Another great book by Sandi. Great characters, great story line.  She draws the readers in with her great characters and you become a part of their lives. She has strong female leads who aren't afraid to take charge and be their own person. The romance in this book is different and wonderful at the same time. She made me cheer for Judy and only want good things to happen for her.  I loved Bryce even when he couldn't get out of his own way to see the good in Judy.  You are cheering for a happy ending. I highly recommend all of Sandi's books. I'm a big fan of her work and look forward to reading more.

It seems improbable that a prostitute could meet and fall in love with the guy of her dreams, an attorney who isn't one of her tricks. When an abusive client begins to stalk Judy, she turns to the strong man for her former pimp to take care of it. The client ends up dead, and in the aftermath, Judy's white lies and past secrets backfire. Once they're revealed, the man she loves walks away. It's a stand-alone love story with suspense and a twist that will have you on the edge of your seat, with your brain working overtime – wondering what will happen.

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