5 of 5 Stars  Loving Adonis   Virginia Ferguson ~ January 23, 2018 ~I found Loving Adonis like an updated  and sexy Pride and Prejudice where misunderstandings and lack of communications between the couple abound, as well as the plot twists. It seems that this lack of true communication is the topic of the century. Your words flow from the page almost conversationally. I enjoyed it muchly.​

3 of 5 Stars Loving Adonis  TDC Book Reviews  By  Chasidy Barton ~ December 10, 2016 ~  Annie, a flower shop owner, meets Gary and falls for him immediately. Gary owns a refrigeration company, meets Angie and falls for her. Both have been burned in past relationships and have trust issues. They both have insecurity issues and have jealous tendencies. They have an on again of again relationship. When they are on, you can't help but love them. Angie and Gary's biggest issue is lack of communication. This is my first book from this author. Overall, it was a good read. The characters and story are well developed. At times it made me laugh, a little frustrated, cry, and in the end made me love them.

5 of 5 Stars  Jeanie Lautenschlager 7:48am Feb 11, 2015  Danny read all three of your books. He loved them all.  Waiting for your next book.

5 of 5 Stars    Loving Adonis   January 24, 2015  (DONNA JOYCE California) Sandi, just wanted you to know that I just finished "Loving Adonis" & really enjoyed it! Can't wait to start reading "Twisted Engagement".  I passed your name on to my Niece & highly recommended that she purchase your books.  I loaned "Loving Adonis" to my Granddaughter (she's a big reader) telling her how much I enjoyed it & hopefully she will tell her friends about it. Keep on writing, as now I'm hooked & will be looking for your next book, once I finish these other two!! Best Wishes.

4 of 5 Stars  Loving Adonis  Review Written byRon CartwrightJanuary 14, 2015 Amazon Verified Purchase (Paperback) Good read!

4 of 5 Stars  Loving Adonis By: JolaDecember 30, 2014  'Loving Adonis' is not really my favourite kind of book, but it managed to keep me hooked to the end. There were few surprises that made the story more interesting. This novel deserves checking out definitely.

5 of 5 Stars  Loving Adonis  29 Oct. 2014 By:Amazon.UK CustomerFormat: Kindle Edition A very original and charming story of interwoven lives..... Loving Adonis is a very original and charming story of interwoven lives. I saw pieced some of the puzzle together quite early, but others were a surprise until the end. The instant attraction between Angie and Gary is challenged by their past experiences, trust issues clouding their judgment. Despite many steamy sexual encounters, their fear of being hurt leads to misunderstandings which outweigh their desire for each other.

5 of 5 Stars    Loving Adonis   Gayle Hanna Sep 10, 2014   I am very impressed with Sandi K. Whipple and her first novel, Loving Adonis. It was very entertaining with an ending that I didn't see coming. You won't be disappointed.

4 of 5 Stars  Loving Adonis   Trish JacksonSeptember, 2014 Communication Problems ~ Angie and Gary get together early in the story and over time they develop a deep and sensuous relationship. They don't just hop into the sack together. They go out, spend time getting to know one another, and do crazy things before their relationship turns serious and culminates in delicious, passionate and loving sex. A great, solid base for a lasting connection, you're thinking. But no. One day Gary simply says "See Ya," and walks out on Angie. She has no idea what has caused the sudden change in him, and although she tries to get on with her life and build up her flower business, she cannot forget the handsome man she has privately named 'Adonis'. Gary cannot put Angie out of his mind either. But when they get back together, and things seem to be running smoothly again, the same thing happens. Just those two little words and everything is thrown into turmoil again. Their greatest problem is that they do not communicate well. This leads to all sorts of wild and incorrect assumptions, which damage their relationship over and over until you, as a reader feel as frustrated as them. The happy ending is full of twists and surprises that I couldn't foresee, and it made up for all the frustration.

5 of 5 Stars   Loving Adonis   Keely NouveauAugust 13, 2014   I enjoyed reading Loving Adonis tremendously.  It was a combination of a lot of different situations and kept me interested throughout the entire book.  I can’t wait to read Sandi’s next book, which I already have on my night stand.

5 of 5 Stars    Loving Adonis   Ann-maree Coyte   Aug 09, 14  Loving Adonis is about trust issues. Angie, a flower shop owner, meets handsome Gary, falls head over heels, and privately nicknames him Adonis. But she's been burned in the past. Gary, owner of a refrigeration company, meets Angie, and falls for her immediately. But he's been burned in his past. (Hell, in this day and age who hasn't been burned in their past?) They both carry the heavy baggage of severe insecurity, which leads them both to some major jealousy issues. Angie accidently sees Gary with a blonde who is hugging and kissing him. Angie is JEALOUS! Angie hires a private detective named Alan. Gary hears her on the phone with a guy named Alan. Gary is JEALOUS! Too stubborn to confront one another, their relationship becomes an on again off again affair. But boy, when it's on again, they have some really hot sex, well written too! Though I found these two characters flawed to the point of stupidity, Sandi's writing creativity had me adoring them both! And I absolutely loved Aunt Ruth. She was a kick! There's a scene where Angie and her best friend Carl are having lunch and both get very drunk. I laughed so hard I even cried. I laughed in many places, got angry in a few, frustrated in others, and cried at the end. I think when someone's words can bring out all those emotions, they have created a damned good book.

3 of 5 Stars   Loving Adonis  by: Lucky Lady  July 12, 2014  Kindle Edition  I could guess at the ending but it was fun getting there.  For a first-time author this was a pretty good story.  It's a light romance novel you may enjoy.

3 of 5 Stars   Loving Adonis     Rachel June 25, 2014  I received this book from the goodreads first reads program. Talk about communication problems. The entire storyline is about two adults constantly hurting each other because they dont talk to each other. At times the story was rushed and at others it was glossed over.  There were numerous typos that should be addressed. Overall I enjoyed the book.

4 of 5 Stars    Loving Adonis     Krissy  June 15, 2014  I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. Loving Adonis was actually pretty intense for me to read, the story is very well developed, the characters aren't like the average people you find authors creating. They're complex, they're realistic and they come interwoven with their own "flaws" Sandi has brought to life a couple that without the inner workings of their personal doubts and hesitations and their own personalities the story wouldn't work and nothing would mesh. However the author in her brilliance has managed to create a relationship that really draws you in more than the plot does. I really enjoyed this book and I really appreciated a fresh new realistic perspective on romance. Loving Adonis was a really good read.

5 of 5 Stars    Loving Adonis     Donna Gott  May 4, 2014  I'll tell you this was a very sweet but frustrating read but that is not a bad thing it this case.  You have this amazing couple that fall in love with each other the minute they meet and yet they spend the entire book confusing each other because they are to stubborn to talk.  They fight each step of the way in accepting that they love each other but when they are together before they trip over their jealousy having these delightful feelings and incredible, hot and delicious sex.  Not only does their lack of communication leave them in the dark but it affects all their friends.  The only problem with this book is it is great.  The author has an exceptional talent to take this couple from meeting to the most emotional ending that will blow you away.  Love, lots of laughter, unbearable frustration and a ton of tears for joy will take you to the conclusion.  Keep the tissues handy and enjoy a  GREAT READ!

4 of 5 Stars    Loving Adonis     David Burnett  May 2, 2014  Why Won’t They Talk?  In this romance novel, have you ever heard of a couple who has a “communication problem”? Well, Angie and Gary have the communication problem to top all communication problems. Angie loves Gary. Gary loves Angie. You would think that everything would be wonderful! If they would only talk, they might be.Psychologists tell us that, all things being equal we will choose the simplest interpretation of any situation. Angie and Gary do this with a vengeance!Angie’s best friend, Carolyn, often uses her nickname, Carl. Angie has hired a private investigator whose name is Alan. Gary hears her talk to them on the telephone. Angie sees Gary and a blonde woman eating lunch at a restaurant. As lunch ends, the woman hugs Gary and kisses his cheek. The simplest explanation in each case? The person is cheating! If each would only ask the other what is going on! This is a sweet romantic comedy. It is entertaining; you have to laugh; you want to pound a little sense into both people (although I was more sympathetic to Angie than I was to Gary); and there is plenty of sex. If you enjoy light romances, you will enjoy Loving Adonis.

4 of 5 Stars    Loving Adonis     Stephanie Lasley March 29, 2014  The definition of a jealous fool: one who shows resentful suspicion; acts unwisely or imprudently; lacking good sense or judgment.The main characters in this sweet engaging story are Gary and Angie and they are both jealous fools. On top of that they each possess insecurity issues, too much pride and ZERO communication skills.Through the talented writing skills of author Sandi K. Whipple, you still find yourself falling in love with these extremely flawed characters. One thing is for sure, when Gary and Angie are together their relationship is really amazing. When they are apart they are both miserable.While reading Loving Adonis I found myself laughing out loud, followed by pulling my hair out from total frustration and at the conclusion of this novel I cried. These emotions are all great signs of a true romantic love story!  Stephanie Lasley, from The Kindle Book Review The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book for an independent, fair, and honest review. We are not associated with the author or Amazon.

4 of 5 Stars    Loving Adonis  ByMargaret Clark Price February 6, 2014  Format: Kindle Edition
"Loving Adonis," a novel by Sandi K. Whipple, combines and intertwines multiple characters, satisfying the readers of romance novels and living fiction. Wherever shelved, "Loving Adonis" is a deliciously romantic tale that is engrossing in every way. The most appreciated aspect of the novel is the melding of characters which the author has managed to portray quite convincingly. "Loving Adonis" revolves around love, jealousy, and intriguing family dynamics but the narration remains light enough to be entertaining and endearing. The author does a superb job with dialogue, finding just the right mix of narrative to move the story along with character depth and subject. However, it is certainly complex enough to appeal to the die-hard romance fan. The heat of the romantic scenes, the plot, the twists and turns, are page-turning! An avid reader of romance will quickly turn the pages to find what happens next. As a "romance" novel, with "tame intimacy," "Loving Adonis" is a story that older teenagers would also enjoy because the main character struggles to reaffirm and reinforce family connectedness. This integral facet of the story is engaging and heartwarming.

Sandi K. Whipple © Copyright 2014-2018

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    When Angie's older brother runs away, and she loses her parents, her aunt takes her in raising her as the daughter she never had. After college, Angie buys a flower shop  and meets the handsome Gary. Shocked at her reaction to him, she privately nicknames him her "Adonis". As their relationship quickly develops, their weeks are filled with passion, love-making, playing, and sharing.
     Angie sees Gary embracing another woman, and is too stubborn to confront the apparent cheating incident.  A short time later, Gary overhears several conversations between Angie and two other men!  Their jealousy rises and clouds all reason and logic, and  suspicions mount in the minds of both, putting their relationship in danger.
      The lovers are finally forced to confront one another about their suspected unfaithful behavior and shattered commitments. But that’s not the end. The story is intensified with the arrival of a past love.

A Spicy Romance Novel
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